Top 5 Best Forex Prop Firms To Kickstart Your Journey In Forex Trading 2022

Top 5 Best Forex Prop Firms To Kickstart Your Journey In Forex Trading 2022 | FINANZE.BIZ

What is a Forex Prop Fund

Porex Proprietary Fund (Forex Prop Fund)

Proprietary or prop trading firms are also known by other names such as prop shops or prop firms, and are quite popular among traders searching for rich professions as well as investors looking for high-return prospects. Traders can open a funded trading account with the proprietary firm, which means they don’t have to risk their own money when trading.

A prop firm is a company offering prop traders an opportunity to use their skills to trade for them.

Why become a forex prop trader?

  • Access to high trading capital.
  • Get paid for trading forex every month.
  • Being paid for profits is not at the expense of growth

With so many new Forex Prop Firms entering the sector and supporting traders all around the world, deciding which firm to fund your accounts is getting increasingly difficult. There are various elements to consider while selecting your funded account, including your trading method, drawdown, leverage, trading criteria, and the Prop Firm’s overall reputation. We’ve put up a quick but thorough review of the world’s most popular Forex funding firms.

7 Best Forex Prop Firms To Kickstart Your Journey In Forex Trading 2022

1. MyForexFunds


MyForexFunds, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is one of the fastest-growing Forex funding companies. It is a new prop firm created in 2020 that provides traders with up to $50,000 in immediate funding with no obstacle! If you’re interested in taking on a performance challenge, you can get up to $200,000 in initial capital and an up to 85% profit split with no maximum daily drawdown restriction! Beginner traders experienced traders, and professional traders all have different account types, ensuring that every style of forex trader is covered!


FTMO is one of the finest forex trading prop firms it fills a niche in the industry by combining a classic broker, a school, and a competitive platform for traders and their professional associations.
FTMO has a stellar reputation, excellent trader assistance, a 70% profit split, a wide selection of top brokers to pick from, simple trading rules, and funding up to $400,000 for top traders.

3. The Funded Trader


Founded in June 2021, The Funded Trader has provided traders with up to $1,500,000 in the capital with a 90 percent profit split!. With an offer of $100,000 for one-step challenges as well as two-step challenges with initial funding of up to $400,00. The funded trader prop firm has continued to scale up with an aggressive plan of 1:200 leverage as well as weekend holding allowed.


4. BluFx

Unlike any other prop firm on the market, BluFx is one of the world’s premier prop firms, offering a subscription model in exchange for rapid account funding.

BluFx is quickly becoming one of the most popular prop companies in the business due to the lack of a performance challenge. They provide INSTANT FUNDING to traders all around the world, in the amount of $25,000 or $50,000, which is doubled for every 10% gain.

BluFx is an excellent solution for beginner forex traders looking for rapid cash due to their low trading restrictions and 50-50 profit split.
BluFx’s profit share is 50-50, and you will be paid out monthly after your 5% minimum profit target is met along with a maximum of 10% drawdown

5. Lux Trading Firm

With a presence in the United Kingdom (London), Slovakia, and Switzerland. Lux Trading Firm is a highly rated prop firm that offers up to $150,000 in first capital and an aggressive scaling program up to $2,500,000.

Lux Trading Firm offers capital of up to $150,000 on MT4, Tradingview, or Trader Evolution. With no recurring monthly fees, no time limit on profit targets, and a 65 percent profit split, it’s no surprise that swing traders all around the world love this company.

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