Beam dental insurance is new dental insurance that has all the needed tools or kits of all kinds embedded in a beam brush, or a toothbrush that allow individuals or groups to earn a lower insurance rate depending on their hospital indemnity products and dental wellbeing.

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Beam dental insurance was established in 2012 by three friends who are engineers. This clique saw a chance to develop a portable and affordable dental insurance product that can serve the whole world remotely and in real life.

This gave rise to the introduction of the beam brush which was launched alongside the company. This is one of the first examples of the internet of things where routines and basic objects can enable new understanding and usage.

Beam dental insurance as well as a comprehensive and well-compiled portfolio of ancillary advantages such as vision, disability, and accident inclusively

Over the years after its establishment, beam dental insurance has become one of the fastest improving and growing dental insurance all over them with a vision to make available the best dental strategy to the universe and bridge the gap of the over 100 billion people in the world that has no dental insurance nor knows about dental insurance.

Beam continues its evolution as a one-stop-shop for ancillary benefits and has rebranded to Beam Benefits.

In What State is Beam Dental available ?

With the tap of a finger, users can quickly locate and access dental services from a large, national network of dentists using the Beam app. All states, with the exception of CT, HI, MA, ME, MT, NC, NH, RI, and Puerto Rico, have granted Beam a dental sales license.

You can learn more about your Beam coverage through our member portal at Sign in with the email and password you used during enrollment.

What does Beam Dental Do?

Beam offers PPO (preferred provider organization) plans, which means we have a network of dental providers who offer lower, contracted rates to be a part of the network. Visiting an in-network dentist is often advantageous because Beam may cover a higher percentage of the cost.

Meet the Kleiner Perkins-Backed Startup Set to Change Dental Insurance


Beam dental insurance has varieties of benefits that have distinguished it from other forms of insurance company. If at all you have been a member of the beam dental insurance company for a while, you will definitely attest to the fact that the company is different as it always tried its best to improve the dental health of all the members

Beam dental insurance in most cases does ship a beam brush, paste, and new brush tops to all their members, and makes sure that all kits needed to take care of dental maintenance are made ready and available for a year.

While it’s almost a case of general idleness of not changing brush top regularly, beam insurance companies often remind their members to change their brush top every 90 days.

Below are the top three benefits of the beam dentist insurance company

Easy, simple and clear

One of the primary goals of beam company is to enhance the member’s experience and interact directly with the members. Beam dental insurance as well gives basic education around an effective date, pass important information to the members, and reduces ambiguity.

No missing tooth clause

The beam dentist insurance company ensures all tooth clauses are honored and maintained. None of the clauses shall be violated. This gesture is expected to be returned by the members as well

No waiting periods

Beam dentist insurance has no waiting periods. Dental kits or tools are sent over to them as soon as they subscribe to their desired package.

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