20 Weird Things That Have Been Insured

20 Weird Things That Have Been Insured

When you hear the word insured what comes to your mind is either Car insurance, health insurance, or life insurance. While many of us wouldn’t insure anything else, there are those who would not mind paying a huge sum to insure their legs, voices, sperm, Tongue e.t.c.

While this might come to some of us as a surprise, let’s take a look at what it means to insure your body parts and why you might have to do that.

What does insuring body parts necessarily mean?

For those who can afford it, this sort of policy makes sense. Bodily part coverage is designed to replace lost income in the event that a body part is damaged, injured, disfigured, handicapped, or lost.

You don’t have to be a superstar to get insurance for your bodily parts; anyone can get it if he thinks he needs it. You can get insurance for any portion of your body as long as you’re prepared to pay the fee.

In this article we take a look 10 odd things that got insured and why they were insured. The list below comprises of Celebs, Cricketer;s , Scientist, Comedians Footballers, winemakers, coffee  Tasters e..t.c ;

20 Weird Things That Have Been Insured

1. Lionel Messi – Legs Insured For $900 million (€750 million)

Lionel Messi - Wikipedia

Lionel Messi, the former captain of both Barcelona and Argentina’s national team, has the most costly insurance of any football player. Messi’s left foot is insured for $900 million in US dollars (€750 million.).

2. David Beckham’s legs (and face) Insured for $195 million

Love ur Life & ur World: David Beckham Insures Legs for 70 Million USD-David  Beckham Legs

David Beckham, according to Investopedia, took out a leg insurance policy in 2006. The insurance policy was valued at $195 million in US dollars. It was, at the time, the largest sports-related insurance coverage ever taken out.

3. Gareth Bale – Legs insured For $ 126 Million

Gareth Bale, a Real Madrid winger, has his left foot insured for $126 million.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs – $144 million

7 Celebrities With Most Expensive 'Insured' Body Parts In The World -  Marketing Mind

Real Madrid took no chances when they signed Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009. He is largely recognized as one of the greatest football players of all time.

The £80 million transfer fee was a global record at the time, but Real went one step further by insuring Ronaldo’s legs for a staggering  $144 million.


5. Kim Kardashian –  Butt insured – $100 Million

Kim Kardashian reportedly increased her butt insurance from $20 million to $100 million, according to the Globe.

6. Taylor Swift Insured Legs – $40 Million

Taylor Swift, the famed singer from the west, got her legs insured for $40 million, $20 million per leg, according to an entertainment news portal in 2015.


7. Gennaro Pelliccia’s taste buds – $13.3 million

Gennaro Pelliccia owns the most valuable tongue in the world, valued at £10 million ($22 million). He’s a coffee taster, and if he, the senior taster at Costa Coffee in the United Kingdom, loses his mastery, an anonymous group of underwriters at Lloyd’s, the world’s oldest and largest insurance market, would pay up.

Costa’s Italian Master of Coffee, Mr Pelliccia, is in charge of assuring the quality of the 108 million Costa coffee cups consumed in the UK each year.

8. America Ferrera’s smile – $10million

In 2007, the “Ugly Betty” actress’s teeth were insured by Lloyd’s of London. Aquafresh White Trays, a teeth-whitening product marketed by GlaxoSmithKline, paid for the insurance as part of an ad campaign starring Ferrera.


“It’s very flattering to have my smile insured.” Ferrera remarked on the insurer’s website ” It’s not something that I ever imagined happening,” 

9. Iker Casillas – Hands $10 Million 

Iker Casilla, a Spanish goalkeeper, is largely regarded as one of the best in the sport’s history. He bought a $10 million insurance coverage on his hands in 2007.

Iker Casillas: Goalkeeper's wife 'hopeful' he will be discharged on Monday  following heart attack | Goal.com

“If I damage my knee, I’ll pretend my hand hurts,” he said after signing the contract, referring to the clause that protected his mitts for damage on or off the field.

10. Ilja Gort’s nose – $5.58 million

Wine Taster's Nose Insured For Millions.. | by The Finest Italian Wine |  Medium

The nose of Ilja Gort, a famous European winemaker and taster, got insured for $8 million, according to Lloyd’s of London. After hearing of a man who lost his sense of smell in a vehicle accident, he decided to get the coverage.

11. Bruce Springsteen’s voice – £3.5 million

Bruce Springsteen, a New Jersey singer and composer, is best known for anthems like “Born in the USA.” and “Born to Run.” Springsteen is the 15th best-selling musician of all time in the United States, with over 64 million albums sold. Springsteen places a high priority on his ability to sing.


As a result, he decided to insure his voice for $6 million with Lloyd’s of London. So if he ever can’t sing “Dancing in the Dark,” he won’t be in risk of having his lights turned off.

12. Heidi Klum’s legs – $2 million

In 2017, Heidi Klum informed People that one leg was insured for $1 million and the other for $1.2 million. She also said at the time that she intends to flaunt her seven-figure stems for as long as she can.

Heidi Klum's $2M insurance policy on legs, but one is 'more expensive'

“I’ve always enjoyed, and still do, showing off my legs in really short miniskirts,” she remarked. “I think legs are attractive. When I go out or walk down the red carpet, I try to draw attention to my legs. “Yes, I do.”

Klum joked that the high-price guarantee should apply to her breasts, before clarifying that it was a “client” who insured her famous legs, not her.

13. Rich Hall Insured Sense of Humor – $1.6 million


The well-known comedian, had possibly one of the hardest to prove insurance policies of all – he insured himself against a permanent loss of humour.

14. Keith Richard’s hands – $1.6 million

Lloyd’s of London has insured the Rolling Stones guitarist’s hands for $1.6 million, according to the insurer’s website. This makes sense because he wouldn’t have been able to perform with the English rock band if he didn’t have his hands.


The Rolling Stones guitarist knows exactly which portion of his left hand he needs to preserve the most: his middle finger.

15. Insured Taste Buds – $1.33 million

Hayleigh Curtis, a chocolate scientist in the Cadbury Innovation team, has had her taste buds insured to the tune of £1million

The taste buds of a chocolate scientist in Birmingham have been insured for £1 million.

Hayleigh Curtis, who works in Cadbury’s Bournville innovation kitchen, has been informed she must avoid really spicy meals since it may impair her taste buds and render her insurance with Lloyd’s of London useless.

16. Miley Cyrus’ $1.3m tongue

Miley Cyrus says she won't be playing Tinker Bell on live Peter Pan TV show  | Daily Mail Online

You’d think the former Disney star would insure her voicebox to preserve her singing career, but she chose a different area of her mouth for a different purpose.

Miley’s tongue, which she flashes at every photo opportunity, is insured for $1.3 million.

She explained that it began as a technique to disguise her insecurity at picture calls, which led to its regular appearances.

“I didn’t know what else to do with my face,” she explained, “so I stuck my tongue out, and it turned into a defiant, punk rock thing.”

17. Troy Polamalu’s $1m hair

NFL player Troy Polamalu gets $1m hair insurance - BBC News

Former American football strong safety ,Troy Polamalu who is well known for his long unshaved Hair, which is usually used by opponents against him on the pitch.

His iconic thatch, on the other hand, drew a deal with Head & Shoulders in 2010.

 Troy landed a deal with Head and Shoulders which included insurance

The shampoo company agreed to insure the 3ft long locks with Lloyds of London for $1 million as part of the transaction.

18. Holly Madison’s chest – $1 million

Holly Madison Insures Breasts for $1 Million – The Hollywood Reporter

Model and TV personality Madison took out a $1 million breast insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London insurance firm in 2011.

The former Playboy cover girl claims the Lloyd’s of London contract will provide her peace of mind while performing in the Peepshow spectacle at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

“If anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars,” she told the magazine. “I thought I’d cover my assets.”


19. David Lee Roth’s – Sperm $1m 

 David Lee Roth insured himself against unwanted pregnancies

The Van Halen frontman didn’t go for the voice when it came to insuring something that mattered a lot to him.

In the 1980s, while the band was at its peak of glory, he took out a $1 million sperm insurance policy. If he inadvertently pregnant a groupie, the money was supposed to cover any expensive paternity litigation.


20. Merv Hughes mustache – $370,000


Merv Hughes, an Australian cricketer, purchased a moustache insurance policy, claiming that it is an important element of his recognizable celebrity image and gives him the abilities to become one of the world’s most feared cricket bowlers.


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